Copenhagen Signs

Jakob is the artist behind @copenhagensigns and I went to visit his new studio to document his work. Hands in action have always fascinated me so it has been an honor to portray the process of this artist who has been painting signs full time for 5 years but it was 7 years ago when…

High Voltage in 35mm

Before Copenhagen enters in lockdown again, I went to High Voltage Cph to take some pictures for them a document the night. I took with me my disposable analog camera and these are some shots I got.

Sightseeing with Caro

Being my friend means that I will use you as a model whenever I can ⚡️. Last Saturday we spent the morning to walk around the city and took some pictures. Here are some shots that I took her before the fog and rain interrupted our day.

Street Cph

A few days ago I developed some photographs that I took around 3 months ago, when I just arrived in Copenhagen. Street photography was never my main interest, but it’s fun to do something different from time to time to train the eye.Copenhagen, September 2020. Fausto Bottini ©

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